Social Media is Exhausting

There is a month, day, and psychological disorder for everything society has to offer. In November, it was time for every brilliant mind to write her or her own mediocre novel. Don’t worry if you missed it, another opportunity starts November 1, 2014. Days, weeks, and months are dedicated to the most preposterous reasons but in November, writers all unite for a common cause. It’s the month to write and publish novels, and it is not for me. Writers will tell you; do this one thing for yourself: write one hour a day just for you. I do, but its different, therefore as is my blog.

I enjoy writing with a pen and journal, much like a daily devotion.  I carry my journal with me where me wherever I travel. The wonderful pages this book holds are magical. They truly read like a story of my life with few holes. They post the delicate strokes of your pen on your beautiful stationary purchased for you so you can write something, write anything, this is my hour.

I feel social media is so exhausting. Twitter, tumblr, Instagram, Vine, WordPress, and Pinterest are all websites that build personal branding and they will take your complete waking hours if you focus all hours on keeping them all up to date. I find one slipping and try to salvage and pick up for awhile, I have a strategy but life will not allow it.

Technology has imprisoned us, and we, myself included, as allowed it. Not a person should know when my relationship ended before I was prepared but because of social media everyone found out much much too soon. I’m sure everyone has noticed taking your phone to your yoga, cycling, or going on a run and return to find five missed calls and angry texts. People are intrusive regardless of preference.

The biggest strategy is ton use strategy at all on social media to build your own brand. Trust that your brand will build like wildfire on its own or strategically place itself in different places among tumblr and the grounds within it and pinerest. (We are clearly referring to handmade soaps or a shirt from etsy and a small business on Pinterest)This is simple because marketing ROI in these areas is so hard to turn over. I am seeing results from both. I see an experiment in the future.


I Eat Healthy in a Household of Obesity

I eat healthy in a house where there is a constant parade of unhealthy food marching across the dinner table, stocking the refrigerator, and in the pantry. My mother is overweight and my father has dangerously high cholesterol yet refuses to eat vegetables, and apples and oranges are as scarce as oceanfront property in Arizona. But I am in the process of reform in our household.

It is true, organic food is more expensive, making your own granola, constant preparation of lean meats (because they still believe meat is necessary at every meal), and broiling vegetables, which have never seen the table before, is time consuming and exhausting. It is also exhausting to watch them write off a meal every single time because of basil, garlic, and brussels sprouts. I will try anything twice. I am the only person in the house with this policy.

I will taste anything and decide for myself if I don’t like it. That is how I decided aged balsamic vinegar is exquisite, quinoa is in fact terrible to clean up before cooked but great with granola, Greek yogurt and fruit in the morning, and that every single type of seafood except is my favorite food. It was incredibly difficult when I first moved home however, because I was not yet acclimated to the constant temptation of fattening dinner and snacking options. I fell prey to the snacks and croissants, stopped running because I felt terrible, and gained a little weight.

Carbohydrates, Fats, and Sugars have always made me feel horrible, but the chocolate looked so good, especially on an Ambien binge, I could barely remember it the next day let alone say no. Carbohydrates release glucose into the bloodstream quickly after consumption and fats will make your digestive system work harder than usual. Both of these mechanisms will make you tired.  Sugar consumption releases insulin, which triggers tryptophan. The chain of events continues to worsen, where the tryptophan is converted into serotonin. Serotonin tells your body to “relax” and “slow down”. I believe this is true for my parents, and this is the only thing they have eaten for their entire lives. There are billion donuts are consumed in the United States each year alone. I can’t blame them for eating unhealthy; they aren’t alone. I finally do not have cravings for the donuts dad brings home, have started yoga and running again, and I am cooking dinners most nights now. Fruits and vegetables are constantly in the house and I finally feel healthy and I am healthy again. I hope it will be passed “up” to my past generation.

My Yogi

My Favorite Pose!

I am an avid runner. I run at least 20 miles a week, but then winter comes and the days are -9 and I’m going to be honest, I have on wool socks, Ugg house slippers, and Starbucks hot chocolate in my hands. I will not run below 25, it’s simply painful to try to breathe. My backup plan to stay thin? YOGA! Did I mention it mentally calms you?

A little secret to you as the leaves turn and our workouts become workins, there is a wonderful Yogi named Chaz in Louisville (not Louis-ville, Lul-iville almost with an “oish”ish sound.. I want to save everyone who isn’t southern from this), who posts an amazing podcast a week for us to follow on our own pace.

But the beauty? You will love some, hate others, and learn them. I know exactly which podcast is on my mind and search his archives.   The Balance Flow, Yoga for Aggression, Yoga for Runners, Yoga for the Roots, and Yoga for the Core are a few examples. They vary from thirteen to thirty-six minutes, but are all flows with amazing positions. You will also find everything you didn’t find, but never knew you were looking for on YOGAmazing on Blip. Watch one of Chaz’s episodes and he will tell you what to do if you would like to talk further action. You can download the 20 min clips on itunes, or subscribe, I do both, or buy them, (but you can always go somewhere on the internet and watch them for free). He is wonderful though. If you have never tried yoga, you should just one. I truly love my Yogi.

Chaz’s Website: