Falsie Eyelashes Without Selling Your Soul

Everyone wants the falsie look for their lashes. Sephora sells a primer that retails around $25 which is suppose to help your lashes but for $5-$9 you can get the same or better effect if you just know how to apply the mascaa correctly. I learned the trait myself during college cheerleading and am passing it on.

Know Your Budget

Make sure you know your budget before you go mascara shopping. Retail stores like Sephora and Ulta will press you to purchase the more expensive (and better) mascara. I prefer a cheap base ( and a different brand completely) and an expensive top coat, or main layer. The brushes are extremely important. Look at the brushes, talk to the women working in Ulta or Sephora about their brushes and which brush comes in the mascara you are looking at. It will truly make the difference with your mascara.

Keep in mind mascara’s come in many colors now! They offer colors like neon blue and pink so if you want to keep up with the fashion trends there is a mascara for you!

Try Mascara’s on separately before combining them first!

Once you’ve selected, its important to try them out separately to see how each function on your eye, one may offer extreme length and need to go on first to avoid clumping while the other more expensive brand simply glides over the lengthening mascara to give you the volume you want for the false lash look you’re going for. Sampling them separately will clue you in.



Complete all makeup before applying mascara

Once you know their order it is important to get the rest of your eye makeup completed first! That includes all eye shadow and eyeliner. If you choose to curl, do it before you put the mascara on and count to ten before releasing it for a nice permanent curl. Be careful not to squeeze too tight (it results in a bend in the eyelash and not a curl)! And begin the process! I personally apply around 2-3 coats of “Volumptuous Volume Ulta mascara” and then finish with several coats of “BAD gal lash” all in black. This process can be repeated, but carefully to avoid clumping.


Best of Luck with your false look!