My Yogi

My Favorite Pose!

I am an avid runner. I run at least 20 miles a week, but then winter comes and the days are -9 and I’m going to be honest, I have on wool socks, Ugg house slippers, and Starbucks hot chocolate in my hands. I will not run below 25, it’s simply painful to try to breathe. My backup plan to stay thin? YOGA! Did I mention it mentally calms you?

A little secret to you as the leaves turn and our workouts become workins, there is a wonderful Yogi named Chaz in Louisville (not Louis-ville, Lul-iville almost with an “oish”ish sound.. I want to save everyone who isn’t southern from this), who posts an amazing podcast a week for us to follow on our own pace.

But the beauty? You will love some, hate others, and learn them. I know exactly which podcast is on my mind and search his archives.   The Balance Flow, Yoga for Aggression, Yoga for Runners, Yoga for the Roots, and Yoga for the Core are a few examples. They vary from thirteen to thirty-six minutes, but are all flows with amazing positions. You will also find everything you didn’t find, but never knew you were looking for on YOGAmazing on Blip. Watch one of Chaz’s episodes and he will tell you what to do if you would like to talk further action. You can download the 20 min clips on itunes, or subscribe, I do both, or buy them, (but you can always go somewhere on the internet and watch them for free). He is wonderful though. If you have never tried yoga, you should just one. I truly love my Yogi.

Chaz’s Website: