If I Had Known

                                        If I Had Known                                    

If I had known what trouble you were bearing;
What grief’s were in the silence of your face;
I would have spent more gentle, and more caring,
And tried to give you gladness for a space.
I would have brought more warmth into the place,
If I had known.

If I had known what thoughts despairing drew you;
(Why do we never try to understand?)
I would have lent a little friendship to you.
And slipped my hand within your hand,
And made your stay more pleasant in the land
If I had known.

                                                            Mary Carolyn Davies.


Try Smiling


Try SmilingWhen the weather suits you not,

Try smiling.

When your coffee isn’t hot.

Try smiling.

When your neighbors don’t do right, Or your relatives all fight,

Sure ‘tis hard, but then you might

Try smiling.


Doesn’t change the things of course—

Just smiling.

But it cannot make them worse—

Just smiling.

And it seems to help your case,

Brightens up a gloomy place,

Then, it sort o’ rests your face—

Just smiling.


One of the poem’s in this poetry book that is bookmarked, and marked, and one of the dozens just like it I will be posting.