Botox in our twenty’s?

Botox in our twenty’s?

I have a piece of paper in my possession that women would kill for. My neurologist wrote me a prescription for Botox. Yes, you read that correctly, free Botox. My insurance company approved it for this migraine sufferer several months ago but this rx will never be filled. Why?

I always require a benzodiazepine if a needle enters my life. I am fortunately too small to donate blood, I am also a healthy individual, and my NCAA team physician’s knew me well enough to know to drug me before “sticking me” because I am a fighter. So when it came to my Neurologist convincing me it was the best treatment option he went for the obvious fear of attractive women, “You wont look like your face is frozen Kelli, it will be completely gone in 3-4 months, and when you are 40 you will look 30”. WAIT, if the Botox injection will be out of my face in 3-4 months, why will I look 10 years younger in the future? At that moment I took the rx, decided to call my boyfriend, but I knew we would both be in agreement, personally and medically. I have made the decision at 24 to age “gracefully” and hope that he will still love me “when I’m no longer young and beautiful” as Lana Del Rey explains every single young woman’s fear in The Great Gatsby. Yes, I already have laugh lines around my eyes and a few around my mouth, they represent a happy life thus far.

But there were 6.1 million incidents of Botox injections in 2012. I wasn’t surprised. However, knowing now that Botox is the second-largest percentage increase of all minimally invasive procedures for people age 20 to 29, after hyaluronic acid (Juvederm) treatment was surprising. While this is slightly incongruent with my beliefs, the video is extremely informant with this Botox “fountain of youth”.