Falsie Eyelashes Without Selling Your Soul

Everyone wants the falsie look for their lashes. Sephora sells a primer that retails around $25 which is suppose to help your lashes but for $5-$9 you can get the same or better effect if you just know how to apply the mascaa correctly. I learned the trait myself during college cheerleading and am passing it on.

Know Your Budget

Make sure you know your budget before you go mascara shopping. Retail stores like Sephora and Ulta will press you to purchase the more expensive (and better) mascara. I prefer a cheap base ( and a different brand completely) and an expensive top coat, or main layer. The brushes are extremely important. Look at the brushes, talk to the women working in Ulta or Sephora about their brushes and which brush comes in the mascara you are looking at. It will truly make the difference with your mascara.

Keep in mind mascara’s come in many colors now! They offer colors like neon blue and pink so if you want to keep up with the fashion trends there is a mascara for you!

Try Mascara’s on separately before combining them first!

Once you’ve selected, its important to try them out separately to see how each function on your eye, one may offer extreme length and need to go on first to avoid clumping while the other more expensive brand simply glides over the lengthening mascara to give you the volume you want for the false lash look you’re going for. Sampling them separately will clue you in.



Complete all makeup before applying mascara

Once you know their order it is important to get the rest of your eye makeup completed first! That includes all eye shadow and eyeliner. If you choose to curl, do it before you put the mascara on and count to ten before releasing it for a nice permanent curl. Be careful not to squeeze too tight (it results in a bend in the eyelash and not a curl)! And begin the process! I personally apply around 2-3 coats of “Volumptuous Volume Ulta mascara” and then finish with several coats of “BAD gal lash” all in black. This process can be repeated, but carefully to avoid clumping.


Best of Luck with your false look!


Why I Run

I run. The sentence contains a subject and a verb that qualifies it as acceptable by Microsoft and the world. Beyond this however, the words associated with myself and the word “run” illicit mixed reactions at best: microseconds to many seconds of skepticism, suspicion, patronizing, and arrogance. I always speak candidly, therefore if for an uncontrolled microsecond, which my trained eye will catch, you feel superiority over me for running marathons, I will acknowledge the fact you did indeed just judge me. Yet, nobody has the need to judge anybody. We all have our own personal reasons to run. I run for my mental health. It is my escape and my seven previous therapists are extremely thankful for this.

Running, like any other aerobic exercise allows the production and release of endorphins, endogenous opioids, which allows runner’s to experience the “runner’s high” According to an article which I will link to this post, there was a study published in 2008 in “Cerebral Cortex” which reports that endorphins flood the brain during intense periods of physical activity, very specific effects in the fronto-limbic brain areas that are involved in the processing of affective states and the mood. There is ABSOLUTELY no way I am diving into psychiatry, neuroscience, and explaining the limbic system so, this is essentially how the runners high is created and how it processes affective states and mood.

It’s also well known running will increase self- confidence. If you reach a goal that you have previously been unable to attain, it is rewarding, finishing a race ahead of your original pace, or winning. Running will give you inner-strength, self-worth. Personally I could care less. I am in this for one thing: mental stability.

Running improves mental health, or it improves me. There are many nights where I honestly run for my sanity or I am running from my insanity, it is usually a toss-up. Scientifically, the biochemical benefits of running do not originate just from the release of endorphins, but also the production of the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine. The article I have pulled some of this information was kind enough to refer to what I am about to discuss as “mental health disorders”, but I am going to say it the MENTALLY ILL are linked too lower levels of these neurotransmitters. Depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders need higher levels of neurotransmitters, like running, which running, which causes specific chemical changes in the brain.

I can go back to the article here and quote what running will do for those who choose to run for improving their mental health. But I prefer to tell my story. Occasionally a mood will go up, and my mood will slightly drop, and running may become a challenge. I have coping issues, I occasionally prefer to stay indoors, withdraw, I am cold. I have insomnia, recovering from an eating disorder, and cannot seem to find my place in the employment world, which leaves me angrier than before.

So I run.

I run and run and run.

I need to escape. Tonight I ran five miles and unfortunately I ran like I was being chased from a tangible object instead of what I am battling internally. I will occasionally take off in the middle of an argument like Forrest Gump. I could easily run a half marathon and plan on it in December. I will blog my training plan later this week.
Just run. Run for health, confidence, therapy, sanity.
Does it really matter at the end of the day? Get up, get over the cardio curve, and run.

Weight- One of the Last Acceptable Prejudices


A thigh gap is a gap in your thigh that is two inches to four inches and it is “a trend that needs to die”, and it seems a bit extreme. I believe the total aggregate of females who are either claiming that thin girls are “being discriminated against”, “muscular/fit is the new thin”, or “curvy is the new thin” has failed to remember thousands of females, especially teenagers and young women have natural gaps in their thighs. The article I set out to find was originally posted by Glamour magazine. What I found in the process is harsh cruel word in which my body is hated, and this article took an unforeseen twist examining unfeigned mean girls as a whole.

Glamour magazine asked 1,800 women ages 18-40 to imagine “overweight” women and “thin” women in a survey. They were told to imagine that they knew nothing about either of the women, yet choose words to describe the women. The results were that heavier women were described as lazy, slow, undisciplined, and giving, while thin women were perceived as conceited, bitchy, mean, and controlling. A study showed overweight women earn as much as $5,826 less than their peers, if they even got the job at all. Companies would rather hire a less qualified thin person than a more qualified overweight one. BUT the thin girl can’t be too pretty, or she has a lower chance of getting the job as well. Yes, Forbes tells me on a regular basis why I am unemployable.

According to the article, the reason that there is an issue with heavy women being labeled as giving is because the stereotype fits into the belief that thin women are NOT that way. Thin women were also described as ambitious, confident, superficial, and vain. Overweight women were additionally described as careless, passive, and insecure. Thin-shaming and fat-shaming is affecting all women negatively, and I am sorry I can only “run a mile in my own shoes”, and I only have an idea of how difficult the lives of less slender women must be. But here’s my side of things:

I am hurt on a regular basis from comments made from girls, grandmothers, strangers, and my mother. According to Glamour, the thin women surveyed reported that they were “hurt by weight prejudice in subtler ways”. A girl told Glamour that it was harder to make friends, I agree. Outside of the cheerleaders, it is incredibly hard to make friends because of how I look. I have been told I am a cold snob, or a cold bitch, an ice princess. I am quiet until I am very comfortable with you, and I repeatedly hear this after people get to know me. This is my wonderful first impression.

When you watch and read pieces of women who have struggled with weight and have been preyed upon by their peers for their weight, it is heartbreaking. Young girls have stopped eating at school because it is common for “fat girls” to eat, so it was important to break the mold for this heavy middle school girl I read about. It lead to binging after school. She was so embarrassed by her body she ate as a band-aid after school even after the hunger was gone. Yet “curvy girls” have historically been favored culturally. Only recently is it not accepted, yet very recently once again “real girls have curves”. So, what am I?

I am the girl who is another “thin girl” reads this she will also relate, and if a “curvy girl” reads this, I pray in a way she will as well. I have hated my thin body and been embarrassed to be naked after a day of trying on clothes and seeing my reflection in the mirror. I run, I continue to train for race after race, yet cannot seem to accomplish the body’s I see on pinterest or in the magazines with the muscular toned body. I try to accept myself and some days are better than others, and the comments continue regardless. Judging will never end, it does matter your jean size, and it’s unfortunate. I pray and hope we can focus more on our individual personalities, our personal morals and if they align, what is compatible, who we really are as women and girls to make friends, and instead of judging. I also believe the root of the problem is our own insecurities and lack of completion inside ourselves, not other peoples lack of perfection. However, this is all my speculation and opinion.  I also hope I represented both sides of the story in a fair manner, more from my perspective, less of a rant, and more of a representation of the heartbreaking reality of today.

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My Yogi

My Favorite Pose!

I am an avid runner. I run at least 20 miles a week, but then winter comes and the days are -9 and I’m going to be honest, I have on wool socks, Ugg house slippers, and Starbucks hot chocolate in my hands. I will not run below 25, it’s simply painful to try to breathe. My backup plan to stay thin? YOGA! Did I mention it mentally calms you?

A little secret to you as the leaves turn and our workouts become workins, there is a wonderful Yogi named Chaz in Louisville (not Louis-ville, Lul-iville almost with an “oish”ish sound.. I want to save everyone who isn’t southern from this), who posts an amazing podcast a week for us to follow on our own pace.

But the beauty? You will love some, hate others, and learn them. I know exactly which podcast is on my mind and search his archives.   The Balance Flow, Yoga for Aggression, Yoga for Runners, Yoga for the Roots, and Yoga for the Core are a few examples. They vary from thirteen to thirty-six minutes, but are all flows with amazing positions. You will also find everything you didn’t find, but never knew you were looking for on YOGAmazing on Blip. Watch one of Chaz’s episodes and he will tell you what to do if you would like to talk further action. You can download the 20 min clips on itunes, or subscribe, I do both, or buy them, (but you can always go somewhere on the internet and watch them for free). He is wonderful though. If you have never tried yoga, you should just one. I truly love my Yogi.

Chaz’s Website:




Botox in our twenty’s?

Botox in our twenty’s?

I have a piece of paper in my possession that women would kill for. My neurologist wrote me a prescription for Botox. Yes, you read that correctly, free Botox. My insurance company approved it for this migraine sufferer several months ago but this rx will never be filled. Why?

I always require a benzodiazepine if a needle enters my life. I am fortunately too small to donate blood, I am also a healthy individual, and my NCAA team physician’s knew me well enough to know to drug me before “sticking me” because I am a fighter. So when it came to my Neurologist convincing me it was the best treatment option he went for the obvious fear of attractive women, “You wont look like your face is frozen Kelli, it will be completely gone in 3-4 months, and when you are 40 you will look 30”. WAIT, if the Botox injection will be out of my face in 3-4 months, why will I look 10 years younger in the future? At that moment I took the rx, decided to call my boyfriend, but I knew we would both be in agreement, personally and medically. I have made the decision at 24 to age “gracefully” and hope that he will still love me “when I’m no longer young and beautiful” as Lana Del Rey explains every single young woman’s fear in The Great Gatsby. Yes, I already have laugh lines around my eyes and a few around my mouth, they represent a happy life thus far.

But there were 6.1 million incidents of Botox injections in 2012. I wasn’t surprised. However, knowing now that Botox is the second-largest percentage increase of all minimally invasive procedures for people age 20 to 29, after hyaluronic acid (Juvederm) treatment was surprising. While this is slightly incongruent with my beliefs, the video is extremely informant with this Botox “fountain of youth”.