Paint Color Trends of 2015


Paint colors have been ever changing. Colors come and go but maybe its important to first know how to paint your walls in the first place. Most people put a little paint on their roller and stick it on the wall, usually the middle. They begin rolling. What they don’t understand is they start rolling in the middle of the wall and the top half and the bottom half are neglected to receive any paint. Then they load their roller and begin the process in the middle of the wall again. It’s important to start with the basics. Load your roller with paint. Get it almost dripping. Get on a ladder if you need too and start in the upper right hand corer of a wall in your room. Begin as close tot he trim as you can manage and roll down and then back up in a slightly sideways motion until you have exhausted the paint roller of paint. Then take your brush and edge trim while it is still wet o you don’t have any silly lines. Repeat this process in squares throughout your room, moving down and then to the side in this rhythm.

Take this new knowledge and apply it to this seasons bright and lovely colors. They are all about vibrancy and life, Vibrant pink, turquoise, yellow, coral, and lime green take center stage during this new trend. Capitalize it and add some life to your house. Grey is also a focus, my favorite color which is a pleasant surprise among all of the brightness. It balances them out nicely and would add an excellent accent wall. So whatever color you choose, you cant go wrong this season with the seasons trends!


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