Do the KIND Thing

Do the KIND thing. That is what KIND brand recommends. They recommend you do the Kind thing for your body, your taste buds, and the world. As far as premade bars are concerned, the health community has continually recommended KIND bars above all or the only type of premade bar to be consumed at all so I decided to do some research.

While browsing the website and comparing it with my box, they are completely congruent. “We do things differently, and we choose healthy, tasty, convenient, wholesome, economically sustainable, and socially impactful”. “We make simple, all natural products and deliver healthy all natural products and deliver healthy snacks made only from ingredients you can see and pronounce:

The main ingredients are Oats, Quinoa, Millet, Amaranth, and Buckwheat. I must admit the Healthy Grains Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate in particular has a special place in my heart. I am also particularly fond of the granola.

KIND LLC focuses on making the world a little kinder, one act at a time. There is a count on their page, (currently 531,019 acts of kindness) since their mission began. KIND inspires people whether big or small, a letter to a friend or simply taking the time to say thank you. It is doing the kind for your body, your taste buds, and the world.

KIND sells Strong and KIND, Healthy Grains Bars (a personal favorite), Healthy Grains Clusters (including Oats and Honey Clusters with Toasted Coconut), Variety Cubes, and Variety Packs.

I know I sound like a spokesperson for KIND LLC (I’m not), but it you truly get what is advertised. This premade bar is all natural. I can finally read and understand the ingredients on the back and its quite comforting as a consumer.

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