My Minimalist Bedroom

I have minimalist tastes, and I share another love I will simply describe as “modest stateliness”.  But today, I repainted my bedroom “Ultra White”, and my mother was not shy to share her brash opinions of my minimalist approach to my bedroom. Minimalism is clearly not for everyone. But if you have a small bedroom, do not enjoy clutter, have anxiety, or simply love minimalism, there is something beautiful in going back to the basics.

My Bedroom

I have a small bedroom, a 10×12’ bedroom not including the closet. I chose to occupy the space with a single lamp, a bookcase with a television incorporated into it, and a queen size bed. Every single item is either oak or white (minus the television). The bookcase matches the floor perfectly, as do the whites. I have such few items in my bedroom they receive extreme scrutiny and therefore are nice, and I have a basket in the bookshelf for miscellaneous items that will inevitably occupy your life.

A minimalist bedroom works best if you choose grays, whites, and blacks, a white and beige, or a white, black, and a primary color. Bright colors in general do not work well with minimalism. This does not mean that in a completely white room you cannot have a bright piece of art, or a vase as a focal point.

“Minimalist” does not equal “bareness”. While my walls are basically bare, it is simply a preference. My walls are all white. I am considering designing a small grey headboard, but if I do I will not add anything else. But, I digress. Minimalist simply means if you don’t need something, get rid of it. If you have a plush reading chair and it is your bedroom, move it to your library. Arguably, my books are extremely unnecessary but I find myself lost without my old friends. My books are my color and my company. Personally, you do not need more than one lamp, storage is necessary, and if you are truly a minimalist and love books like I do, stack them. It is the look of perfection.

book stacks


I think minimalism makes life more personal. It allows you to get to know the person intimately in a few pieces of furniture, artwork, and what is on their surfaces. It allows me to feel more connected to what few things I have in my bedroom, my own universe with the relevant on display and nothing more.


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