A Beating Heart Behind Every Book

50c books

I knew when I started my blog that I wanted it to be a true reflection of MY LIFE, MY JOURNEY’S, AND MYSELF, for better or for worse. I SUBMERGE myself daily, for hours, in every single book I can get my hands on. Some are terrible, but I read through to the end. The options on my menu represent my life fairly well, and it would not be a fair representation of myself if “My Literary Explorations” didn’t exist.  I am also not going to be dishonest, WordPress is immensely intimidating, I can only assume my blog posts will in the future be read and immediately dismissed within a few glances, entries, or by the title of my blog alone. I am not an author, I do not pour tears, my pride, reputation, and rely on countless friends and pray to God only to know I will either be a huge success or failure. As F. Scott Fitzgerald proclaimed in 1920 “An author ought to write for the youth of this generation, the critics of the next, and the schoolmasters of ever afterward.” I personally view The Great Gatsby as the single most important piece of American literature we acquired from the twentieth century, yet I guarantee critics had abhorrent remarks about his lifestyle, writing style, and the book itself.

This brings me to the book I finished today. An author wrote the most amazing thank you at the end for everyone who had assisted her along the way. I went to goodreads.com to scan my book and shelve it, and looked at a few reviews, some simply declared their love for this book. As a reader yourself, simply use your imagination for the disapproving reviews a few fellow readers shared with us, or the discontented reader’s interjected comments as author “read” her story to us. This woman may search herself and her book, it may affect her writing, and it may affect her contract. Thank goodness for SPSS, statistics, Neilson. We have all finished a book that has last such an impression on us, took such an emotional toll, or what have you, that it truly makes all books pale in comparison. And when the next book we pick up doesn’t meet those expectations, when the next book doesn’t even pique your interest because of this, it is your fault and not the author’s. This author need to be appreciated for how she writes. Which is what I am going to do. I may do this slightly unconventionally, but I am going to do research before writing a single comment about what I think about the book. If it is her first book or if it is John Grisham’s twentieth’s. I mean if it was a .99c book did I expect my new Gatsby? No, so I will be realistic to these authors as I venture through unknown territories of WordPress. It will be new for me, and I hope, if anyone reads my blog, they will learn about the author, the book, and me.


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