What’s in a name?


Tonight, on CNN, the royal baby is a topic of discussion. I must say, after the purchase of my purebred Golden Retriever, I was barely fazed at this seemingly pretentious name. My six-month-old puppy’s “paper name” is “Oberlin Farm’s Sir Edward Truman IV”. Yes, he was an expensive as his name implies, I can buy the rights to breed him, but I immediately need to make that decision or neuter him this month and notify the breeder. His mother came with papers, I cannot remember her ridiculous line of names, but his father’s line of Sir Edward’s __________ made it a fill in the “all American name” situation. In my house it is the forth of July every singly day my Golden’s name is so American and pretentious. So, what is in a name?

If you are a man, according to the article, you may have bigger shoes to fill if you are an Alexander or a George as opposed to a Jordan or an Aric. Maybe you will need that name as a future CEO. Parents name children after their family members or friends because of the positive connotations, however I was simply named because my dad saw my name in a particular magazine, took noticed the spelling was different, but there still is nobody in our lives to make my name warm and fuzzy, including me. The future king’s name has slide shows and thousands of articles critiquing his name and speculating why they chose his name and what kind of king he will be. Prince George Alexander Louis isn’t even as old as Oberlin Farm’s Sir Edward Truman IV and he has his Christmas’s planned to the hour.

If you are part of the American Kennel Club (or soon to be), when choosing your dogs paper name it is quite important because they do not allow duplicate names for show dogs. (If you have ever wondered at Westminster how these poor dogs have such ridiculous names, this is why.) The AKC will ask you to choose another name if your name is already taken, and creative names and spelling draw attention and are actually encouraged. Although the American Kennel Club, sometimes your breeder, traditions from the studs proceeding him will ask for your dog to have long pretentious names, you will have your name for him, like your name for your baby. I have “Truman” And yes I still have the Forth of July at my house every day, but not because he was named after President Truman.

The A1A that travels through the Florida Keys to Key West and the road splits right or left. Take the road right and it turns into Roosevelt Avenue and it’s a beautiful view of the outer keys. The road turns again into “Old Town”, this time left and becomes Truman Avenue, my favorite place on earth. I will spare the details but its near Mile Marker 0, Hemingway’s House and the lighthouse, the harbor, and every single time I look at Truman, I feel a bit of that happiness I feel in Key West, I feel instead unconditional love. A picture perfect name.

Sharing a family name


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