Not a Failure

graduation-hats1Tonight, after brushing my teeth with my Crest Vivid White Toothpaste, followed by the Vivid White Mouthwash, flossing with Crest, and checking to make sure that my teeth were indeed as “Vivid” as Crest promised (they were), I was finally ready for bed. It should be noted I also removed my makeup, my eye makeup, washed my face, used toner, and a bit of Salicylic Acne Cream, and applied some body lotion, all products of Olay skin products. I promise I have a purpose here other than proving brand loyalty and the picturesque customer of P&G.


There, I said it. I am unemployed yet I ask my parents, whom I moved back in with to spend hundreds each month to keep my appearance “interview ready”. I dye my hair, wax, my work clothes, actually all of my clothes are in pristine condition as am I just waiting for the call from the hundreds of job applications I have sent out this year alone. I graduated almost a year ago with my Bachelor of Science from a School of Business. My professors never lectured on how to defer loans or find packing boxes for storage units to pack away your furniture along with your hopes and dreams, politely ask to move home, and ask for a wine budget. My professor’s, however, lectured on how to run a corporation in the future, how to make decisions based on different curves I may or may never use. Our Punter for the football team was the only one who has the ability to run a corporation, but he signed with the Bengal’s in the draft. I knew then I simply wanted a marketing position. My current goal is to improve my writing through learning how to blog and continue volunteering. So tonight, I am still familiarizing myself with WordPress because it is in many of the job descriptions I would like to apply for, similarly to my religious nightly routine in order to keep appearance pristine. I am doing it all in hope of a call. I am one of the 1/3 college graduates that moved home this year. I do wonder what they are doing, where are our support groups? (This is sarcasm)

According to Forbes there happens to be quite a gap in salary expectations. Only 15% of grads expect to earn less than $25,000 a year but a third of grads are making that amount or less. And most positions I am getting interviews for are only interviewing in the $35-ish, and yes I feel fortunate. But they are the working graduates. The 2012 class has 68% of their graduates working full time now and 16% have part-time jobs verses 7% are not working at all. This is lower than the national employment rate of 7.6% (Adams). I would be as nauseous as I already am if I were a 2013 graduate however. They have $60,000 of student loans soon to be transferred to Great Lakes of something (this is still a secret to them, they may not even have their actual $60,000 piece of paper) and only 16% have a job waiting on them.

I can only hope the other 84% of graduates begin to find positions, or that the parents of the graduates are as wonderful as mine. Mine took in my attitude, my golden retriever puppy (his attitude rivals mine), my cat, and my fish. They allow me to take time to volunteer and network in the process, look for positions at my own pace, as long as it is a pace, and apply. If I am lost, they let me be. My parents have provided me a place that I can come home to after a day of volunteering and crawl in my favorite spot and read. I am on the marketing and PR boards for a council to alleviate poverty and change the view and the neighborhood entirely. Mom will look at me with a stern face and tell me to get up, and then look at me in the eye and tell me with compassion, “You only live at home, you are not a failure”.


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