Newtown’s Golden Gift

Newtown, CT K9 Comfort Dogs United!

If you would turn the television on today, or visit, I am sure you wouldn’t find an article mentioning the permanent placement of Maggie, K9 Comfort Dog at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Newtown, CT. She will be joining Addie, K9 Comfort Dog, who is already in Connecticut. I will forever remember the tragedy that occurred before Christmas in that tiny Connecticut town, and how God sent the community nine miracles to do his work in the form of unconditionally loving Golden Retriever’s. When the tragedy struck, the golden’s handler’s immediately traveled to Sandy Hook. Their handler’s are doing God’s work as well. These men and women are all volunteers. They travel with their golden’s to disasters like the Boston Marathon, where my best friend was one corner, or less than a half mile from the finish line. If you own a golden, you understand why the K9 Comfort Dogs choose Golden Retriever’s. They understand how you are feeling. If you are crying they come and sit beside you, if you are hurting they find you and stay beside you until you are no longer in pain. If you are feeling stressed you can feel their breathing change to something resembling concern until they are able to calm you down, usually by a head in your lap or to your chest. I am blessed with Truman, my six month old puppy that has given me my life back. He is our third golden who joins our family golden, Max, and is proceeded by my brother, my parents “son” and my first best friend, Shadow. I thank God for golden’s daily, however I also pray that God gives LCC K9 Comfort Dogs strength, to continue to provide comfort and love to everyone in need. They now have over 60 golden’s, and a puppy in training named Martha, and you can find them on Instagram @K9COMFORTDOGS . God bless them, and I will be praying for their safe travels as they leave Newtown today to head home.


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